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It's hAPPening! The Draw Wildly app is HERE
& I am WILDLY excited about it!


I have created this app with YOU in mind. I've carefully considered what features and qualities are needed to fuel your creative fire and motivate your making mojo. I've poured enthusiasm & love into every aspect of this powerful yes portable creative aid.


Think of this as a gym membership for your Creativity

ONLY £7.99 per month!

Take a look around below...


Draw Wildly App Tour!

Draw Wildly App Tour!

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"Holly explains things so clearly and patiently...the quality of my drawings massively improved immediately!" Amy F

" always friendly, constructive and fun experience. I have been drawing personal bests ever since.”

"Holly's empathy, her dedication to her students goes beyond the classroom... I couldn’t recommend her more!” Dani M

Thanks Wildly!

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