The Elephant in the Room

Online Animal Life Drawing

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Welcome to the Elephant in the Room, Online Animal Life Drawing classes for everyone! The Elephant in the Room brings inspiring creatures into your workspace via the magic of Zoom so you can enjoy the thrill of observational drawing with no risk of penguins running off with your pencils, or jaguars jogging your jotters! Whether you're a seasoned professional or a brand new pencil wobbler, you are invited to join these friendly & inspiring drawing sessions. 

Each week there will be a new 'Elephant in the Room', from Orangutans to Grizzly Bears, Elephants to Alpacas and everything in between! We work either from Live subject matter, modelling for us remotely, or from carefully curated film footage & photographs from the very best wildlife filmmakers & photographers in the business. All contributors are fairly paid for the incredible content they provide. Most sessions are unguided so you draw to your own beat, but I am onhand to answer questions and guide you were I can.

A passion for wildlife and a love of animals is at the heart of these classes & we collaborate with those who hold these same values. As a result, our sessions are utterly joyful and enough feel-good factor to keep you smiling til the next time! 

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