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The Elephant in the Room

Online Animal Life Drawing


If you're feeling sad that you missed out on a drawing session, or you'd just like another chance to spend longer on a piece, then happy days for Session Replays are here! If you don't want to miss out on a session in the future, sign up to the Newsletter below to make sure you get new session updates.

If you are a subscriber to the Draw Wildly app then you have free access to the Replays and will find a code in the Animal Life Drawing tab.

Screenshot 2024-03-14 at 16.46.17.png

Residents of Marion Island

Ooh this replay is FULL of wonderful imagery, both moving and still and of so many fabulous creatures from Albatross to Elephant Seals and plenty of penguins in between. 

Imagery is kindly supplied by Michelle Risi @michelle_on_marion_island who is a seabird biologist there. In exchange, a donation was made to @mousefreemarion to support their ongoing work to protect the vulnerable birds of this island. 



Back to Black

Introduce your sketchbook to the dark side of drawing.

Imagery with super rich dark backgrounds that will flex those creative muscles. Why not prep your paper to start from dark and work to light?




Nesting creatures galore in this session, including a bevy of bonus images I included at the end.


Screenshot 2024-02-20 at 18.03.06.png

Leaping Back into Drawing

After a hiatus, Animal Life Drawing leapt back into action on Leap Day with a gorgeous set of still images set to timers. 

It's so good to be back!


Tinkerbell and Charli (27).JPG

Support Dogs

One of our lovely artists described this as "the best two hours ever spent on zoom", and well, I'm not going to argue with that!


Drawing and learning all about Support Dogs was definitely the midweek tonic we all needed so I'm thrilled to be able to share the Replay with you here.



Fox & Feathers!

A SUPER FUN Live drawing session was had by all when joy joined Roxy the Foxy and some of her incredible Raptor friends at Icarus Falconry Holdenby. 

Our host Emily introduced us to some wonderful characters that were totally joyful to draw - you're going to love it!


Screenshot 2022-06-11 at 20.48.25.png


Another chance to join Vicky @theloveofass_ at Longhopes Donkey Shelter as she chats to us whilst introducing the various long-term, long-eared residents of this very special place. 

This is the full recording of the Live session with the odd connection wobble due to high winds but it's not enough to spoil your drawing enjoyment. 




Vultures might just become your new favourite subject matter after this session - so many amazing shapes, textures & colours!

There are timers & titles throughout to keep your right.



Happiness is drawing a Hippo

You better believe it, hippos bring smiles all round...unless you're being chased by one of course! 

This recording includes the photography part of the live session and has titles & timers to keep you straight. You can pause to give yourself more time of course...noone will ever know!



Wonderful Wolves

This was such a fun session and is full to the brim of wonderfully wolfy content. 

Slightly longer at 2h15mins, there's 40mins of moving imagery to start with before timed stills. You're going to love it!



Harpy Eagles & Beavers

Harpy Eagles are extraordinarily huge with talons the size of grizzly bear claws. They also sport one of the best avian hair do's around which makes for a winning model combination! This session is full of gorgeous imagery of these, as well as completely gorgeous beavers, both moving and still imagery by Keith Freeburn. 

It's brilliant. Enjoy!

Screenshot 2022-11-12 at 21.42.38.png

Illustrating Children 
with Eve Coy

This session is full to the brim of brilliant advice and tips from the exception Eve Coy. Eve is a master of drawing children and here she shares her process before answering questions whilst you get the chance to put advice into practice by drawing from some gorgeous reference videos (don't worry, I've slowed them down!). 

A really reeeeallly helpful resource for anyone wanting to better their drawing of tiny humans. 


Brilliant Bears & Raccoons

Gorgeous mumma & baby brown bears & some tree-loving raccoons are the subjects in this drawing session.


Timers are on screen to keep you right.


Beautiful imagery supplied by the wonderful @adventure.amy



Festive Drawing Party

We had so much fun playing all the reindeer games in the Animal Life Drawing xmas party!


It was silly, it was fun and it was super duper festive - just what's needed to get you in the festive mood!



Native American Fauna

Gorgeous Native Amercian Fauna with stunning imagery by Daniel Lindthurst. 

Bison, Moose, Owl, Lynx, Bear, Fox & Coyote. All completely brilliant subject matter to draw!



Figures & Felines

Combine the wonderful modelling talents of Kiwie @kiwiethebuffetslayer with Cleopawtra & Pawgustus the cats & Godzilla the leopard gecko and you've got yourself another brilliantly fun and inspiring drawing session!


Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.04.37.png

Fantastic Minibeasts

This session is full of the most incredibly incredible invertebrates who we drew through a live link to Malaysia! 

Lots and lots of WOW moments as the sometimes completely bonkers creatures model beautifully for us. It really is brilliant!



Pawfect Pets!

Never was there such a gorgeous motley crew of animal life models than in this guided session!

Such wonderful characters to draw and to illustrate with special thanks to the wonderful @bethspencerart for sharing her fur-family with us!
This session has the addition of a view of my drawing board as I work through observational drawing, and, illustrative drawing. 



Seeing Spots!

There's just so much to love about this session.

The imagery, both moving and still is just beautiful and supplied by the gorgeous @humanhorseacademy of their amazing horses and dogs.

You might be seeing spots for long after you've finished drawing but it'll totally be worth it! Enjoy!

Screenshot 2022-07-25 at 14.59_edited.jpg

Polo Ponies!

I loved drawing from this session! Lots and lots of gorgeous equine imagery with behind the scenes footage and photography of polo ponies being prepped for action.

There's also some ridden game footage to challenge your observational skills (you can press pause if you want to, it will be our little secret!).



Toucan Rescue Ranch - LIVE (again!)

If you are passionate about wildlife and love learning solid gold facts about animals then this is the Replay for you! 

This live drawing session was hosted by one of the most enthusiastic and knowledgable guides around and her generous sharing of facts & insights makes this such an enjoyable session. Even if you don't draw, this is so interesting! 

We drew tamandua, sloths, toucans, owls and so much more. Some were very busy moving, and some were very sleepy!

More than half of all the ticket sales for the live session went directly to TRR. 

Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 19.33.19.png

Hot off the Nest!

My favourite take-away from this live session...Peacocks are the cats of the avian world! Completely fabulous and will do exactly as they it!

We join the wonderful Danielle Live with her fabulous flock to draw a variety of pheasants, peafowl and more. Expect lovely chat and a mixture of very busy birds and then Royal & Timmy who need to seriously consider a professional career in modelling!


Screenshot 2022-05-25 at 19.11.06.png

All about the Ass!

You're going to love this session and completely fall in love with donkeys! 

We join Vicky at Longhopes Donkey Shelter Live for one hour of live donkey action and chat and then there is a gorgeous selection of photographs of our new donkey friends to spend as little or as long as you would like with. ENJOY!

Screenshot 2022-02-08 at 18.41.18.png

LEMURS LIVE - Duke Lemur Centre

Enjoy lots of lemur facts and chat as we watch gorgeous Ring-Tailed Lemurs & Coquerel's Sifaka feeding & grooming in beautiful forested enclosures. 

There's also gorgeous still imagery accompanying this download for those who would prefer to spend longer studying different species. The live recording is done on a hand-held mobile device so these bonus images from the Duke Lemur centre give you the option to listen to the audio whist drawing from stills if that's preferable to you. ENJOY!


Animal Artist in Action - TRACY ROBERTS

Excited to be able to bring some 3D action to the party with this brilliantly insightful live session! Tracy Roberts is an incredible animal sculptor and during this two hour replay you'll be able to watch her turn clay into a basset hound! It really is magic.

You will also have access to a juicy catalogue of reference imagery so that you can sculpt, draw or create along in your own way. 

You can also just sit back and watch the magic happen - ENJOY! 

cedarwaxwing01_20220306 (1).jpg


Super gorgeous, close-up, vibrant imagery of wild birds taken by the brilliant Jocelyn Anderson. 

Such a treat to be able to get the opportunity to draw birds eating out of the hand and seeing their characters in action!

This session has a mix of still and moving imagery, plus a little bit of split screen action at the beginning showing both reference and a wee drawing demo incase you're not sure where to start!


Screenshot 2022-04-16 at 19.08_edited.jpg


Meet Klip who is going to provide you with brilliant reference material for drawing still AND moving horses!

He's also got some pretty gorgeous friends which makes this a jam-packed full to the brim drawing video. So saddle up and get ready to flex those drawing muscles - this is a fun one!
Worried about drawing horses? Don't be! There's a little demo at the start of this video, PLUS, is you sign up to the Newsletter on the homepage, you get access to another FREE drawing video to help you!



Super gorgeous photography by the brilliant Thomas Hinsche set to timers in this video replay. 

Gophers & Hoopoes are great fun to draw and these images really show them in all their glorious furry & feathery detail. Enjoy!


Animal Artist in Action - STEPH FIZER COLEMAN!

This recording is from a gorgeous live & relaxed chatty drawing session and includes the audio chat between host Holly Surplice and featured artist, Steph Fizer Coleman. 

You'll view both the reference imagery and Steph's workspace on an equally split screen so you can draw along or just listen and watch. Steph gives a lovely intro chat about her colour selection before drawing a selection of birds from both moving imagery and still photography.

This is not a 'how to draw' video but an opportunity to peer over the shoulder of the professional and hear about their practice. 

WhatsApp Image 2022-04-04 at 7.48.37 AM.jpeg

Caenhill Farm again -
Supporting Photographs

The wonderfully kind and generous Chris has provided a selection of fabulous photographs to support the live drawing session.

There is no charge for the use of these however if you feel able, please offer a token of thanks, however small, to the charity which is simple to do on their website. I know it would be received with gratitude 


Caenhill Farm -
Live & Chatty Again!

Get ready for another action-packed and gloriously fun drawing session with Chris at Caenhill Countryside Centre.

From piglets to peafowl, emus to owls, sheep, cows and everything in between! It's full of movement and big characters and it is completely joyful!!

IMG_3845 2.jpg

Animal Artist in Action - KATE SLATER!

This recording is from a live session and includes the audio chat between host Holly Surplice and featured artist, Kate Slater. 

You will see the reference material as the main image and Kate's working space in a smaller window. We're drawing European White Storks & Hummingbirds!


You can listen to all the creative chat whilst creating along under your own steam!


Fabulously Fancy Goldfish!

This was a super fun & fishy Live session with the brilliant @fancygoldfishgirl and her fishy friends. I am now penpals with Melon & we are planning an adventure cruise in the near future...just need to source a glass bottom boat & we'll be good to go!

Screenshot 2022-02-22 at 16.20.38.png

Daisy & Modjadji, Live with Care For Wild

Be warned, if you watch this recording, you WILL fall in love with a tiny rhino & her stripy friend with the gravity-defying super-long mane!

This was streamed live from South Africa which to me is amazing. There are a few lags in the sound here and there so I have reduced the cost of this replay. Enjoy.


Najin & Fatu, the last Northern White Rhinos

An amazing opportunity to draw from beautiful visuals of the last two remaining animals of this species. 

Visuals provided by Wildlife Conservation Biologist & photographer, @Kaushman.

Screenshot 2021-12-28 at 16.33.22.png

Toucan Rescue Ranch - LIVE!

Enjoy the full recording of the glorious live drawing session we enjoyed with The Toucan Rescue Ranch in Costa Rica. We have amazing chat & facts from our wonderful host & draw everything from owls to baby sloths - the dream!

Chiquita 1.jpg

Orangutan Special

This session is full of glorious orangutan visuals and amazing orang facts and chat from the wonderful founders of OVAID, Nigel & Sara.


Screenshot 2022-01-16 at 11.40.45.png

Pebbles the Wombat - Live!

So enjoy the opening half hour of pre-recorded footage to warm up in preparation for the speedy antics of Pebbles as we join her live from Australia! There's lots of wonderful wombat facts and chat to enjoy as you take your pencil for a very speedy walk across the page!


Caenhill Farm - Live & Chatty

This session is bursting with so much life and joy that it will have you smiling throughout, I promise! I've kept all of the chat in because it is brimming with gorgeous insights, facts & humour from our host Chris. Not to be missed!


Caenhill Farm - Supporting Photos

The wonderfully kind and generous Chris has provided a selection of 17 fabulous photographs to support the live drawing session.

There is no charge for the use of these however if you feel able, please offer a token of thanks to the charity which is simple to do on their website. I know it would be received with gratitude 

Screenshot 2021-12-13 at 21.51.11.png

Polar Fauna

Wonderfully Wintery & Perfectly Polar!

Walrus, Reindeer, Bearded Seal, Arctic Birds, Arctic Fox cubs & Polar Bears - ooft it's a good one!

Amazing visuals by the brilliant Shannon Wild with a balanced mix of moving slow motion footage, and still photography.

Screenshot 2021-12-08 at 20.04.14.png

Birds of Prey - Live

This is a recording of a live session that was a real hoot! Pip the Little Owl, Echo the Harris Hawk, Gimley the Snowy Owl, Bourneville the Kestrel & Amos the Long Eared Owl are all utter stars & you'll be not be able to get enough of drawing Amos's Plumicorns (ear tufts)!

Screenshot 2021-12-01 at 14.00.54.png

Incredible Invertebrates

This is a recording of a live session where we drew a gorgeous range of invertebrates from beetles to mantis, butterfly to a rather large spider!

It's a really fun insight into the land of the small yet mighty!


Ivory Lovelust with Trixie & Lux

I cannot say more about how enjoyable this live session was! Huge amounts of fun drawing the exceptionally brilliant Ivory with Trixie the Blue English Bulldog & Lux the Persian cat. Playful shorter poses with Trixie & pure indulgent opulence with Lux - AMAZING!!!


Mermaid - Live Recording

This is a one-of-a-kind drawing session that is completely mesmerising & challenging in equal measures! The Ironshore Mermaid is swimming for us in an incredible display of artistry and endurance. Beautiful to watch and joyful to draw!


African Elephants & Rhino

Two hours of glorious African Elephants & Rhino bringing beautiful shapes, movement & textures to inspire your creativity! Stunning footage & photography by Wildlife Conservation Biologist @kaushman -  it's a complete treat!


A Bird in the Hand

Whether you're into birds or not, this is a totally inspiring session. Unusual and incredible slow-mo footage & beautiful still photography will have you smiling like the cat that got the cream throughout!


Fancypants Poultry - Live!

This Live session brought so much joy to the page! Reggie the turkey, his wife & chicks; Ducks with pompoms & quite possibly the fluffiest chicken you've ever seen! This recording contains the original audio chat. ENJOY!


Guinea Pigs - Live & Squeaking!

Full of fluff, squeakerings & general guinea gorgeousness, this is the recording of a LIVE studio session complete with audio.

Lots of live action from four little piggies who are all completely individual in looks & character!

Screenshot 2021-05-11 at 11.03.30.png

Exotic Mini Mammals - LIVE

The full recording of a Live session so expect moving wriggling animals with bundles of character! Tenrec, Duprasi, Skunk, Fennec Fox, Armadillo, Raccoon & Coati Mundi - such a treat!

Screenshot 2021-08-13 at 12.28.31.png

Moon Bears & Sun Bears

A bevy of bears to brighten your day! 

One & a half hours of timed footage & stills of rehabilitated & rescued bears provided by  the charity Animals Asia. Gorgeous.

Screenshot 2021-08-30 at 16.07.20.png

Asian Elephants

Beautiful imagery of rescued & rehabilitated Asian Elephants from the charity Animals Asia. This is the drawing footage used during the Elephant in the Room Drawing Marathon.

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 14.55.14.png


Lemurs galore and more besides in this beautiful session with imagery curtesy of the brilliant wildlife filmmaker Shannon Wild. Moving footage & stills with timers on display to keep you right!

Screenshot 2021-08-19 at 15.50.14.png

Manatees & More!

Get ready to drift off into creative bliss in this continuous movement film of Turtles, Manatees, Dolphins & Orca. Stunning film & incredible creatures to challenge & inspire you!


Birds of Paradise

More flamboyant avians than you can shake a tail feather at! Lots of beautiful photography from the king of avian filming, Tim Laman. Enjoy.


Wild India

A gorgeous selection of Indian fauna in the wild. Slow motion moving footage and still photography from local photographer Arvind Karthik. Beautiful.


Pigs & Coos

This session will make you happy as a pig in mud. Fact. 

Gorgeous slow-motion imagery & photography for you to draw from with on-screen timers to keep you right.

Screenshot 2021-11-08 at 18.27.19.png

Brilliant Bantams

A full session of recorded movement and more feathery bustles than you can shake a tail feather at. Oh, and some bonus runner ducks at the end for good measure!

Screenshot 2021-10-28 at 15.05.20.png

Gone to the Dogs!

Gorgeous puppers of all shapes & sizes are here for your drawing pleasure. Lots of moving footage and some stills for longer studies. 

Click here for your canine fix!

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