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"Discussing your work with Holly is a bit like having a chat with your best mate - if your best mate was actually an incredibly experienced artist and picture book maker!" KATIE EVERETT


I've been a professional Artist, Illustrator, Children's Book Creator & Art Tutor for nearly 20 years and during this time have tutored & lectured within Edinburgh College of Art's renowned Illustration department, taught privately & run Creative Workshops across the country as well as online.

Teaching and giving constructive creative critique is something that I find immensely fulfilling. I love the process of helping individuals to build their creative confidence and reinforce their own artistic strengths. It's so important to me that when someone comes to me for creative help, they come away feeling that they have been listened to and treated as an individual.



Think of it as having someone on-hand to guide you, using constructive critique and advice, to help you grow your own creative skills in a way that's entirely personal to you. There's no copy & paste instruction here; through identifying and exploring an artist's strengths and weaknesses I can assist with helpful, tangible advice and instruction.

It's not just for new creatives either, we all need a helping hand and a fresh pair of eyes at times to help in the creative process. A one-one chat with another professional can be just the thing to help you out of a creative sinkhole. 

I can help with: picture book development, portfolio preparation, character development, project critique and unlocking creative blocks. I can also assist as you navigate your way through your illustration degree...

"The help you gave me on Monday was sooo useful! I found my tutorial quite fun for the first time ever, cos I actually knew what I was doing!" KP




Initial consultations for new clients are 1.5hrs long & priced £125. Price is inclusive of time spent reviewing any work sent in advance or getting to know any project details you'd like help with.

Follow-up mentoring consultations are 1hr approx & priced £55. New work & progressions are discussed & evaluated. Concerns are addressed & goals set.




A Draw-Along is a fantastic way of getting to grips with observational drawing, overcoming creative stage-fright, or getting the most out of your materials, all with the guidance & company of another enthusiastic creative (me!). 

By working together one-to-one over Zoom, sharing a screen, we'll draw from beautiful animal imagery and embrace the wilder side of drawing! 

It's an opportunity to Let Loose with Line, Explore using Colour, or simply build your Confidence drawing animals. It's also a lot of fun - being an artist is often a solitary experience, so never underestimate how invigorating it can be simply drawing in company!


I will encourage you to push your creative boundaries & explore observational image making with new vigour.

To join me for a 1.5hr Draw-Along session simply email to book. Priced at £65.

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