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Writing for Picturebooks
Holly Surplice & Emma Levey
Live Online Course | 16 & 17th Sept '23

6pm-9pm GMT | 1pm-4pm ET


Ever wanted to write a picturebook for children?

Unsure how to start ?

Confidence wobbly?


Don't worry, we've got you!  

With over 35years combined experience as picture book author-illustrators, Emma & Holly have teamed up to be the creative cheer-squad you always wanted!


With a shared passion for creating stories for picturebooks and extensive professional experience of writing for children, Emma & Holly are excited to be able to share their knowledge & enthusiasm with you.


"Creating stories for young minds is a complete joy and privilege. There are endless possibilities & potential to explore character & world creations from your own imagination, it's a hugely exciting experience! We'd love to help you unlock your writing potential and kill any doubting demons you may have!"

Holly & Emma.



We want to help to unlock your writing potential & help you find the joy in putting your own words on paper. 

What you can expect:


  • Two consecutive days of LIVE Online Course presentation, learnings & tasks.

  • Easy to understand guidance into the process of creating written stories for children. Specifically to work alongside pictures.

  • Live tasks & Q&A's.

  • Tips & Tricks that help Emma & Holly with their writing processes, passed on to you.

  • Understanding key features & focusses of stories for children. 

  • Selling your story, how to write a synopsis.

  • Two super-friendly, enthusiastic hosts who will help build your knowledge & skills, giving you the confidence in yourself AND your storytelling abilities!

  • Full access to video replays & coursework for an entire year after the event.


Join Emma & Holly as they present helpful advice & techniques from their real world experiences writing for children. Emma & Holly teach with warmth & enthusiasm to encourage the best from your creative process. Sharing their knowledge & experience in accessible ways make for enjoyable learning that  really sticks!

This is a perfect opportunity to begin developing, or hone your writing skills for children and picturebooks. It's also the perfect companion to our Illustrating & Visual Storytelling Course!

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Here are just some of the lovely things people have to say about our courses:

"I'm serious about those handouts. They made everything fall right out of my brain & onto the page. It was magic!"

"I'm so excited! I just want to make pictures all day long forever.
My mind is blown, seriously. Thank you!"

"I don't think I've ever had such an encouraging Monday!"

"I always feel a bit nervous about character design but it was
so accessible"

"The best course I have ever taken."

"I cannot thank you enough for the amazing course. I got so much from it. I truly appreciate it."

"Best class ever taken."

"I just loved it!!!"

"The most inspirational week! Thank you so much for such thoughtful lectures & activities!"

"I've already filled half a notebook with ideas thanks to the course!"

"Five star review coming up!"

"This course has been amazing. I feel more confident about continuing my book, thank you both so much."

"It's been truly inspirational, at a time when I was really stuck. Now I feel as if I an buzzing with ideas & can't wait to try out all the things you have taught us!"

" amazing clever exercise! I think I just can't get
enough of this!"



Meet Emma

Emma Levey is an Author, Illustrator & Picturebook maker based in Wales, who, in between making books and raising her toddler Reuben, also lectures in illustration at the University of the West of England. So it perhaps goes without saying that Emma knows picture books inside and out! 

Aside from impeccable taste in feathered friends, Emma's talent for turning creatures into characters & crafting beautiful stories for them is joyful. Her enthusiastic knowledge of the natural world weaves it's way into her illustrations & stories, building believable, heartfelt tales that are a joy to share. 

Years of honing her craft as well as breaking it down to teach, mean Emma is perfectly equipped & practiced in sharing her abundance of practical skills & knowledge.


Meet Holly

Holly Surplice has been writing & illustrating for children as well as teaching since 2021. Equally passionate about both, Holly loves nothing more than encouraging other creatives to explore & ENJOY their own creative process.

Inspired by nature & the animals Holly encounters, her words & pictures explore love & joy in equal measures. Her playful illustrations develop from a passion for observational drawing & sketchbookery. 


Often found with a guinea pig on her shoulder, Holly has a playful approach to both her illustration & teaching processes. With a focus on instilling & building confidents in her students.



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