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Draw Wildly - Skills & Confidence Builder
6week Course, starting 5th Sept 2022


Would you LOVE to stop letting self-doubt & lack of confidence interfere with your creativity and start taking the right steps towards FINALLY achieving pride and love for the artwork you produce?





I've heard so often from other creatives, professional and recreational artists alike, about how lack of confidence and fear of failure gets in the way of creative joy. It and can put a literal fullstop on your progress as an artist and it feels really horrible to boot. 


So, I decide to bundle my near 22years of experience as a professional artist, illustrator, author & tutor into a carefully thought out package just for you! I've developed the first Draw Wildly course and I'm going to become your biggest cheer leader, your Draw Wildly encourager and your creative taskmaster (in the nicest possible way!) for six gloriously fun and creative weeks!

You will get:


The 6 week, Draw Wildly - Creative Skills & Confidence Builder to nurture a growth in skills and fearless mindset that brings joy to their creative practice, now and for the future.   

    The Challenge follows the Draw Wildly approach, which is an accessible, fun           programme to achieve the confidence in your artwork that you’ve been longing for. 

✅ Weekly Group Coaching Calls to keep you on track & support your progress. 

✅ Daily drawing prompts and exercises that you can spend as little or as much time as you want on (as much as we'd all love to spend all day every day creating, I know that this isn't everyone's reality!).


✅Creative Community Group to encourage & support your efforts - think cheerleaders but with paintbrushes!


✅  Instant feedback day to allow you feedback in real time.


✅  Free access to Animal Life Drawing Replay videos to practice your skills on.


✅ The Draw Wildly App and all it's wonderful content so you can Draw Wildly anywhere & anytime. Did I mention, there's an App to go with this?!! 

"Holly explains things so clearly and patiently...the quality of my drawings massively improved immediately!" Amy F

" always friendly, constructive and fun experience. I have been drawing personal bests ever since.”

"Holly's empathy, her dedication to her students goes beyond the classroom... I couldn’t recommend her more!” Dani M

All set to dive right in?

Get ready to Draw Wildly & feel your confidence grow!

  • Draw Wildly Course

    6wk Creative Skills & Confidence Builder Sept '22
    • Weekly Group Coaching Calls
    • Free access to Animal Life Drawing Replay videos
    • Creative Community Group to encourage & support your efforts
    • Full Access to the Draw Wildly App & more!
    • Weekly instant share & feedback day.

Thanks Wildly!

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